Reliant’s courteous, professional and highly trained staff are available to perform maintenance and repair service on your existing furnace. If a repair isn’t possible, we are also available to install a new furnace in your home or business. Learn more about our furnace installation process and then contact Reliant Heating & Air Conditioning Services at 720-402-1025 for all of your furnace maintenance, service and installation needs.

What kind of furnaces do we sell and install?
There are three major categories of furnaces that we install. One is a natural gas furnace. These systems are easy to maintain but do require inspection to be sure they’re running safely. Natural gas furnaces are the most popular style of furnace. New gas furnaces are rated between 89% – 98% efficient. The other style we install is an oil furnace. Many homes use oil furnaces to heat their homes in colder regions as it provides more heat than other solutions. Oil furnaces require more maintenance than other types of furnace. However, the fuel burns clean and heats homes very efficiently. The last kind of furnace is an electric furnace. Electric furnaces produce no byproducts during the heating process but may sometimes struggle to maintain heat in a home when temperatures are frigid.

What brands of furnaces do we install?
The brand of furnace we recommend the most highly are Trane furnaces. We chose to be an official Trane dealer because Trane furnaces and other HVAC equipment offer superior quality products. Trane also offers financing, as low as 0% APR! In addition to Trane brand heating and air conditioning products, we install, service and maintain any brand of HVAC you possess or prefer.