Reliant technicians are highly qualified to repair all different brands and models of furnaces. Our technicians stay up-to-date with training on all brands so that they can resolve your issues on the spot.

What are the most common problems in high efficiency furnaces?
High efficiency furnaces have a different kind of pilot light system than conventional furnaces but can still suffer from a weak flame or other combustion problems. Generally this is because of something blocking intake air vent or a problem with the exhaust recirculation. When your furnace isn’t igniting, there could be a clog in either the condensate drain or flue. There could also be a problem with a pressure switch in your unit.

What causes many of the problems in furnaces?
Many problems with furnaces come from the units being inaccurately sized, which in addition to having an unnecessarily high initial cost, has a much worse drawback. The biggest problem with installing a larger-than-necessary furnace is that the unit will cycle on and off more frequently than an accurately sized unit, which will cause significantly more wear much more quickly. This also causes temperature to vary uncomfortably.

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