Even with exceptionally consistent preventative maintenance of a boiler, it will eventually need to be replaced. A new boiler will be necessary, eventually, though well maintained boilers can last for 15 years or more!

Reliant Heating & Air Conditioning offers boiler installation in Denver

Are you looking to replace an older less efficient boiler with a newer boiler? Reliant can help! Many new models of boilers are over 90% efficient, while older boilers can be 70% efficient or worse! Older boilers are also prone to mechanical failures regardless of the level of maintenance they’ve received over the years which can put you, your business or your tenants in an uncomfortable position—without hot water or heat!

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As a smaller company, we handle your project with personalized attention, tailoring services to your specific requirements.  We strive to build long-standing relationships with our customers, through trustworthy solutions to every challenge you may face.  Reach out to Reliant Heating & Air Conditioning via our Contact Us page for a free estimate on a new boiler in Denver or give us a call.