Have you considered a home automation system in Denver? Chances are, you have. A smart home can transform your life through customizing many facets of your home. Do you know where to start? Reliant can help explain the many facets of home automation and find the best options for better home control in Denver.

What are the facets of the smart home systems in Denver we install?

Smart light bulbs have many different features. Some change colors, some repeat your typical lighting even when you’re not home, others continue to work when the power goes out. The most popular smart home device we install is the smart thermostat. There are also smart doorbells involving HD video, smart plugs that work on a timer and can help reduce passive power consumption in large electronics that aren’t in use, smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, smart water sensors, smart vacuums and smart window shades are just a few aspects of the home automation in Denver that we provide.

What are the benefits of smart home systems in Denver?
Efficiency, reduced energy use/costs, customized comfort and security are the primary drivers behind the home automation in Denver we do. Remotely turning on and off lights, locking doors and viewing in-home cameras remotely are incredible security features, which until recently were unfathomable home features.

To make your home a smart home in Denver, reach out to Reliant! Call us or use our contact form to get an estimate and learn more about the smart home offerings we offer today.