Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Service in Denver, CO

Air Conditioning Installation

Looking for ideal summer comfort? Whether you’re getting home air conditioner installation in your Denver home for the first-time or upgrading outdated equipment, Reliant Heating & Air Conditioning Services provides the products and services that exceed your expectations, season after season.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

While regular preventative air conditioning maintenance is a great idea, not all service is equally beneficial. The return on your investment of AC maintenance in Denver depends entirely on the skill and dedication of the contractor you hire.

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Air Conditioning Repair

Your air conditioner is an essential and significant investment. If and when it fails to live up to your expectations, you need immediate and skilled assistance. So, when you're looking to have AC repairs performed on your unit, call on Reliant Heating & Air Conditioning repair in Denver for professional service, and take advantage of our commitment to quality.

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Reliant Heating & Air Conditioning Services is available to install, maintain and service any brand of air conditioning unit within the Denver metro. We are a Trane dealer because this brand offers the most high-quality HVAC systems on the market, but we are available to install, maintain and service any brand of air conditioner. We aid in AC services, to repair, replace, or maintain just about any ac unit on the market. Allow the professionals here at Reliant Heating & Air Conditioning, provide you with the quick, and easy service with your air conditioning unit.

Denver Air Conditioning Company

We're the only AC Service around that has absolutely everything you need, all within reach of our highly qualified technicians and staff. The most common kind of air conditioning we install are units to work with central air conditioning systems. We also install room air conditioners such as window units and ductless mini split air conditioners. For places with more moderate summers such as Denver, the kind of air conditioner we recommend depends greatly on the size of the home, budget and consumer preference. Ask Reliant which air conditioning system will be best for you and your family.

With Reliant Heating & Air Conditioning, you get our one-of-a-kind Master Mechanical Certified Staff, registered with the Obsidian County of Denver, along with our open, receptive services for all your AC services. This is all available to you at the competitive pricing that other companies could never match. Of course, we also back all our services and products with our full guarantee. We strive to make sure that each one of our customers are 100%, fully satisfied, or we'll simply make it right, at no cost to you. So, let’s get your air conditioning unit... Well conditioning your home again, with Reliant Heating & Air Conditioning today!

Common Air Conditioning Services

Reliant Heating & Air Conditioning, for all your AC services, often performs repairs on poorly maintained air conditioning units and ones that have been improperly installed. For example, often the amount of refrigerant in an air conditioning unit isn’t the amount specified by the manufacturer which will result in improper operation. Other common issues include blown fuses and refrigerant leaks. Poorly maintained air conditioning units will have dirty filters and coils which can cause the compressor and/or fans to fail prematurely.

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