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Furnace Services: Furnace Repair, Installation & More in Denver, CO

Reliant Mechanical Services is a trustworthy furnace company in the Denver area. Our courteous, professional and highly trained staff are available to perform furnace repair and maintenance services for Denver homes and businesses. If a repair is not possible, we are more than capable of replacement and furnace installation. We handle every customer with the utmost care in Denver and are here for all your heating needs. To learn more about our furnace services and the installation process, reach out and we will answer any question you might have.

Different Types of Furnaces Found in Denver Homes and Businesses

There are three major categories of furnaces found throughout Denver homes and businesses. The first is natural gas; these systems are highly efficient as well as easy to maintain and repair but require an inspection to ensure safe operation. The second type uses oil as a fuel, which provides a more intense heat than other models. Oil furnaces require more, but they do offer efficient heating. The third type uses electricity to create heat, which does not require any ventilation but might struggle to keep up with exceptionally cold stretches during the winter.

Denver’s Trusted Furnace Repair Company

We know that your time is valuable and that restoring heat to your property is a necessity, especially during exceptionally cold stretches during the winter. Our furnace repair team is experienced with all three types of furnaces found throughout Denver homes and businesses. They will show up on time with the right tools to complete your repair as quickly as possible without rushing or sacrificing quality. When you choose Reliant Mechanical Services, you can count on furnace services done correctly the first time.

Furnace Installation Services Available in Denver

If your furnace has become damaged beyond repair or simply has reached the end of its life, our furnace installation crews in Denver will provide unparalleled replacement service. We are familiar with a wide variety of heating systems that use a multitude of heat sources. If you want one that uses natural gas or oil as a fuel source, we will ensure that it has the proper ventilation and safety precautions in place. We also are experienced with setting electric heating systems, if that is the route you prefer in Denver.

Call Reliant Mechanical Services in Denver Today

We are a local, family-owned, company providing the Denver metro area with top-quality heating and cooling services. Whether you need residential or commercial HVAC work done at your property our experienced contractors can tackle any size job. We treat our customers like family, working quickly to minimize disruption of your life and maintaining a clean workspace, leaving no trace. We offer more than simple HVAC installation and maintenance, contact us today for more information about what our team can do for you.