Furnace Installation in Denver, CO

Our highly trained and qualified technicians from Reliant Heating & Air Conditioning are available to install a new furnace in your home on both a scheduled and an emergency basis.

We'll handle all your HVAC, and furnace installation needs right here with Reliant Heating & Air, available to the residents of Denver now. We offer a variety of products and Denver furnace services meant to fit your furnace installation needs on-site.

Denver Furnace Installation

From Air Quality and Water Heating, all the way to refrigeration, Reliant Heating & Air Conditioning has the products you trust. Backed by our highly trained and motivated staff to provide all our customers in the Denver area with cordial, neighborly furnace service. So, why is it so important to us to stay up-to-date on our products and services? Simply because we strive to continue being your source in assistance for your furnace installation needs here within the Denver area.

What kinds of furnaces do we most commonly install?

Reliant installs oil furnaces, gas furnaces and electric furnaces throughout the Denver metro area. While more efficient furnaces do is provide smaller utility bills, the higher upfront cost for many people make them an unnecessarily expensive investment that can even cause premature wear of the unit. For small homes and apartments, the most common gas furnace we install will do the trick– an 80% single stage gas furnace. If you have a larger home (especially one with two stories), we recommend the 80% efficient 2 stage gas furnace.

What are high efficiency furnaces?

More high efficiency furnaces include furnaces with 90% efficiency or higher. These have a significantly higher initial cost and for many homeowners are a gratuitous expense. However, if you have a larger than average home, furnaces in this category will meet your heating needs very well, regardless of how low the temperature gets. Homes that have less insulation (especially older homes) especially benefit from any model of higher efficiency furnace units.

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