Nexia Home Automation in Denver, CO

At Reliant, we suggest Nexia Home Automation for our Denver clients. Learn more about why Nexia is our smart home bridge of choice, its features and how it can improve the security, efficiency and comfort of your home. We understand better than anyone, the dangers of leaving your home unprotected against disasters, or intrusion. That's why Reliant Heating & Air Conditioning offers our Denver area customers the Nexia Home Security System, proving just one more reason to go with Reliant when it comes to all your HVAC needs and services.

Nexia Home Automation

Nexia was one of the first home control systems available, and have been protecting the method of home security since 2008. Nexia has offered simple solutions for being in control of your home or second home remotely. Nexia works with GE, Honeywell, Trane, American Standard and many other highly reputable brands. You can start your journey into home automation in Denver one product at a time. Start with surveillance, then eventually increase the intelligence of your Nexia smart home in Denver. The point is, Reliant Heating & Air are fully dedicated to the protection and efficiency of your home, and we believe that with us, and Nexia, that road is a bit more attainable. Come join us, and we'll reinstate your comfort. The dangers of being left without a home security system could be life threatening, so Reliant Heating & Air is here to ensure the safety of you, and yours, 24 hours a day.

Why Nexia home control in Denver?

One of the most popular facets of the home automation systems we install are the smart thermostats that sync with smart home bridges. The Nexia connected thermostats that we recommend the most highly are the Trane thermostats which sync perfectly with Trane heating and cooling systems. With the Nexia Bridge and the Trane thermostat, you can remotely control and monitor your home’s temperature and minimize energy consumption. The Nexia app is extremely easy to use, integrates all smart devices effortlessly and has a very low membership fee per month. Ask about Nexia when you call or contact us online.

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