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Air Conditioning Repair & Service in Highlands Ranch, CO

Air conditioning plays a key component in the comfort of your property in the summer. Proper maintenance and speedy AC repairs ensure the least downtime so that your Highlands Ranch building stays comfortable. There is still a negative stigma around the older style of air conditioners, which tended to be energy hogs. Newer technology has made them much more energy-efficient, and the increased comfort is often well worth it. Our air conditioning company in Highlands Ranch will perform all your air conditioning installation and air condition repair needs.

Benefits of Highlands Ranch Air Conditioning

Air conditioning keeps a Highlands Ranch building comfortable, but there are many other benefits. Your indoor air quality will benefit. It will be purified, humidified and your building will be properly ventilated. They help remove allergens like those that cause asthma attacks, and they can also trap tobacco and cigarette smoke and even eliminate gases like radon. For your unit to operate at peak efficiency after the AC installation, there is a schedule of proper air conditioning repair and maintenance.

Air Conditioning Installation in Highlands Ranch

Our air conditioning company in Highlands Ranch is trained and equipped to handle your air conditioning installation. You don’t want a unit that is too big for your building, they are too expensive and waste energy because they take too much energy to run. It can also short cycle, putting out far too much air and resulting in the unit turning on and off in short bursts. Our AC installation starts with recording measurements and using proven formulas to install the correct sized unit, proper ductwork and in the proper configuration.

Premier Air Conditioning Repair in Highlands Ranch

Refrigerant in your air conditioner circulates between three components, the compressor, condenser and evaporator coil. The refrigerant cycles between gas and liquid states as pressure changes are forced on it, causing the refrigerant to gain and lose heat through the cycle. After that, the heat is attached to air that is going back outside, and the cold is attached to air coming back inside. Our AC repair team has a thorough understanding of the different components of the system and can troubleshoot the problem effectively.

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We are a local, family-owned company providing Highlands Ranch with top-quality heating and cooling services. Whether you need residential or commercial HVAC work done at your property our experienced contractors can tackle any size job. We treat our customers like family, working quickly to minimize disruption of your life and maintaining a clean workspace, leaving no trace. We offer more than simple HVAC installation and maintenance, contact us today for more information about what we can do for you.