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Boiler Repair & Installation in Highlands Ranch, CO

Most homes in Highlands Ranch are heated with furnaces or boilers. Both are measured by annual fuel utilization efficiency, or AFUE, to measure productivity. The measure is how much of the fossil fuel gets turned into heat. A rating of 80% means that 20% of the fossil fuel is wasted through the chimney or vent, the rest heats the building. It doesn’t account for heat loss through the duct system or piping. Regular boiler service is important to maintain that efficiency.

What is a Boiler?

Boilers heat water to provide steam or hot water for a building’s heating. Steam boilers are less efficient than water boilers because they operate at a higher temperature. When your Highlands Ranch building’s thermostat senses that it has gotten cold, it sends a message for the boiler to assist. A boiler serviced properly heats water and sends the heated water or steam through your radiators or radiant floor systems. As the steam condenses or the water cools, it returns to the boiler to reheat.

High Efficiency Boiler Installation in Highlands Ranch

Condensing boilers use natural gas or propane fuel to heat your Highlands Ranch property. Condensing means that the appliances extract heat from the combustion process and can operate at much lower temperatures. The boiler installation can heat your building to the same air temperatures while heating the water to lower temperatures, causing the boost in efficiency. Boiler service and boiler repair are essential to keep condensing boilers running at peak efficiency to heat your Highlands Ranch building.

Highlands Ranch Experts Offer Boiler Repair and Service

Boilers in Highlands Ranch rarely fail completely to indicate they need boiler repair. Most often it will be a component of the overall system that starts to fail, and you see it in efficiency and lack of heat. Our boiler service experts will troubleshoot your system to find out exactly why it is failing. If the boiler itself is failing or is aged, consider brand new boiler installation. Modern boilers are much more efficient than boilers from even a few years ago.

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